What makes our technologies truly unique is the ability to solve people’s basic clothing needs.

Made in Spain



EU Quality Control

DriLook® - Anti-sweat

DriLook® Technology allows sweat to evaporate completely before it is visible, keeping clothes and skin dry all day long.


Technology capable of providing perfect breathability, anti-stain performance, anti-odor, easy care, minimal maintenance, more durable and sustainable.


Technology created with a revolutionary thread composed of natural ANTIBAC FIBER fibers that eliminate odor, bacteria, itching and fungi.

Fabrics that embody the new generation of responsible and respectful fashion.

Sutran’s technologies have a clear environmental and fashion-responsible purpose by making garments that require less maintenance and washing resources, while leaving behind the concept of fast, disposable fashion that has done so much damage in recent decades.

It is the new generation – it is the opportunity to embrace a truly responsible fashion.

Designed, created and manufactured in Spain under strict quality controls.

All technologies are manufactured under the most exhaustive quality controls and OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 of the European Union.

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