Pack 3 Executive Anti-odor Socks


Anti-odor and anti-bacterial socks with Odorfil technology.





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Smart socks, no odor, no bacteria.

After continuous use, these socks put an end to the bad smell of feet and footwear thanks to the patented Odorfil technology, capable of completely eliminating the bacteria that causes it, as well as considerably reducing itching and fungus.

A natural compound within its structure allows the anti-odor and antibacterial effect to last throughout the time of the fabric. They are also highly absorbent, keeping the skin dry at all times.

Designed and manufactured in Spain under the CE regulations and under the strictest quality controls of the Öko-Tex standard100 label.

Cotton: 42%
Viscose: 28%
Polyamide: 15%
Elastane: 15%

· Feet and footwear free odors.
· Antibacterial power.
· Reduce fungus and itching.

Socks that make you look good and feel better

Our dream was to create a sock that will help us not to put limits on our day.
The result?
Socks that make you look good and feel better.

Anti-odor – Antibacterial
The first fabric designed with a revolutionary thread composed of natural ANTIBAC FIBER fibers that eliminate odor, bacteria, itching and fungi

High quality cotton
The high-quality cotton of Odorfil socks has a high capacity for transpiration and absorption.

Special fibers
The special fibers of Odorfil are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and 100% biodegradable.