MaxDry T-shirt V-Neck


T-shirt with DriLook® technology with anti-sweat effect and reinforcement in the armpits.
Inner axillary reinforcements (invisible).
Especially designed for those who suffer from excessive axillary sweating.









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Absorbs and evaporates sweat thanks to DriLook® technology

This shirt will keep your skin dry at all times and will protect you against sweat stains in all its extension, which makes it ideal for developing your daily activities without sweating being an impediment.

Thanks to the combination of DriLook® technology and DayFresh technology, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of wearing this garment for a longer time than conventional clothing thanks to its anti-stain and anti-odor effect.

This shirt has been designed and manufactured in Spain under the most exhaustive quality controls and OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 of the European Union.

25% cotton
55% polyester
20% Polyamide

· Absorption and evaporation of sweat.
· Perfect breathability.
· Repels all types of stains.
· Reduces odor.

Michael Czerkes
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Excessive sweating is something that I have struggled with the majority of my life, this product has without a doubt changed my life, especially my professional life. As a medical provider I have used these products for the last few years and there is no product that even comes close to the quality of these products. I have recommended this to patients and other professional colleagues. I will continue to recommend this product 100%!
Simon Page
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Not needing to worry about sweat you can relax and perform better, resulting in better results!

Thanks to the high degree of evaporation and perspiration, our garments keep you dry and comfortable.


All our garments repel sweat stains, as well as the aggregation of external liquids.

The antibacterial and anti-odor effectiveness makes our garments much more pleasant for you and those around you, even during your longest days.