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The first intelligent fabric capable of completely eliminating sweat stains.

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No one likes the stains that excess sweat causes on clothes.

…this problem has a direct impact on daily life…

DriLook brings the ultimate textile technology against sweat.

The patented system of DriLook® technology keeps our body dry at all times, thanks to a revolutionary fabric that has a much higher degree of absorption than conventional fabrics.

The combination of two layers of fabric creates an air chamber that allows sweat to evaporate completely before it is visible, keeping clothes and skin dry all day long, in addition to providing a thermo-regulator effect of your body.

The result: Intelligent and sustainable garments that meet your needs.

Although the technology focuses on solving the problem of excessive sweating, DriLook® also combines the properties of DayFresh® technology in its outer layer, resulting in intelligent and sustainable garments capable of:

  • Remove sweat
  • Perspire normally
  • Avoiding stains
  • Avoiding odors
  • Reducing ironing

Unity makes strength...
The perfect combination of fabrics and technologies.

DriLook® also combines the properties of DayFresh® technology.
Can you ask more from a garment?

Thanks to the high degree of evaporation and perspiration, our garments keep you dry and comfortable.

Anti-stain All our garments repel sweat stains, as well as the aggregation of external liquids.

The antibacterial and anti-odor effectiveness makes our garments much more pleasant for you and those around you, even during your longest days.

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