DayFresh Technology

DayFresh® Technology

Textile technology that covers the basic clothing needs of everyday life.
Breathable, stain-free, odorless and fewer wrinkles.

Innovation and textile technology

DayFresh® technology is the combination of various textile treatments developed with the goal of creating intelligent fabrics capable of providing perfect breathability, with stain and odor resistance.

Our technology offers garments featuring easy care and minimum maintenance, thus reducing washing and ironing, resulting in more durable and sustainable products.

Fashion Science

Thanks to the latest advances in textile engineering, and after ten years of work and research, we have managed to take fashion industry a turn.

Science plays a very important role, as it has allowed us to create, patent, and produce technology that completely changes the way we dress.


Thanks to the high degree of evaporation and perspiration, our garments keep you dry and comfortable.


All our garments repel stains as well as the aggregation of external liquids.

anti olor

The antibacterial and anti-odor effectiveness makes our garments much more pleasant for you and those around you, even during your longest days.

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