About Us

About Us

"We work to offer the fashion of the future through intelligent and sustainable garments."

With integrated, local manufacturing of all our products, we support a responsible and sustainable industry. Not only do we contribute with products that improve people’s lives, but also strive to contribute to the industry with common sense.

Sutran’s team likes to say that “we work to offer the fashion of the future through intelligent and sustainable garments.”

It’s fashion that not only serves purely aesthetic and superficial purposes, but also provides improvement and real utility in people’s lives, identifying needs and offering intelligent garments capable of fulfilling them.

With this in mind, Sutran technology was born from the ideas of an entrepreneur and a textile engineer who combined two concepts: fashion and technology.

The history of Sutran began by looking for a solution to the problem of excessive sweating and the stains it produces. For us, it was the first issue we had to solve.

Once the solution was obtained and validated, our first products arrived on the market to a spectacular reception.

Bolstered by that success, we continue to develop and market products incorporating the latest innovations in textile engineering to eliminate odors, avoid stains, and reduce ironing of garments.

The How

Understanding people's real needs.
Born at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, we take a scientific approach applied into fashion. We look for what most people would want in a garment, and we make it real, thanks to textile technology.

The Why

Smart fashion is the future.
We see this future as a place where fashion is at the service of people, not people at the mercy of fashion.
In a world where there is technology to help us in everything, and so does how you dress.

Our Promise

We design garments for people who do not want anything to limit them by creating the technology that allows them to stay a step ahead and achieve whatever they set out to do in their day-to-day lives.

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