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What is the difference between Drilook technology and Odorfil technology?

The Drilook technology allows to avoid the annoying sweat stains on the clothes and it is made of 2 technical fabrics that linked together generate an air chamber that allows sweat to evaporate before it is visible and without interrupting the natural process of perspiration.

The Odorfil technology is a revolutionary fabric able to completely eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odor, as well as considerably reducing itching, bacteria and fungi thanks to its antibacterial power.

Every Sutran products include Drilook technology and Odorfil technology?

No, within the wide range of Sutran products, you can choose between products with Drilook technology and products with Odorfil technology.

The products with Drilook technology are specially designed for people who suffers of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and also for those who want to keep a good image without having to worry about sweating. Nowadays you can find t-shirts, shirts, polos and boxers in 2 different types of fabric (2.0 and Original), as well as work clothes.

The products with Odorfil technology that are already commercialized as socks (Sutran Socks), are designed for anyone who wants to keep their feet free of odors and especially recommended for athletes due to its antibacterial power.

Also, the R&D development department of the creators of this technology, have developed other products such as boxing bandages and blankets for dogs with anti-odor and antibacterial properties. You can get those products and more information about them, visiting the creators' corporate website at

What is the difference between Original fabric and 2.0 fabric ?

The 2.0 fabric is the result of researching to improve our fabrics, based on the original concept but providing lighter fabrics and keeping the effectiveness, quality and functionality of the Original fabric.

The decrease on thickness of fabrics although it diminishes in to 15% the capacity of absorption, provides greater lightness and comfort keeping the same impermeability to avoid the sweat stains.

In brief, Sutran 2.0 are innovative fabrics with the same Sutran Original quality.

Who has developed it?

It is been developed by the textile engineers of Sutran i Mas D, S.L. together with the CTF (Technology Research Centre) of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia).

What are the potential customers?

At the beginning of Sutran as clothing brand, it was focused to people with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), but at this time, Sutran has positioned as the textile solution for all those who in their daily lives want to keep a good image. For example, executives, teachers, waiters and all kinds of people who are facing the audience.

The sports world has also recognized Sutran as the ideal garment for practice because of its high comfort and adaptability.

What is the model should I choose if i suffer from excessive sweating?

If you suffer of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) or even if your sweating is occasional, you can choose any of the items from our catalogue within the categories Sutran 2.0 and Sutran Original since our garments with Drilook technology are made to provide protection against sweat stains in the whole garment.

However, if your sweating is on the axillary area you should consider to choose the Maxdry model that you also can find in the Sutran 2.0 and Sutran Original categories since these garments besides providing the same protection than the other ones, include an axillary reinforcement (indoor) to reforce the security of not having sweat stains.

Use and maintenance?

Our garments can be washed as a normal garment, taking into account the color (as any conventional clothing garment) and wash and dry inside out.

However, we do not recommend washing with softener, because although it does not spoil the product, it does decrease sensibly the absorption properties.

Also, the recommended washing temperature varies by product. For more security, check the temperature indicated on the label. 

Can you use a dryer?

As with all articles of clothing, the dryer has a slightly aggressive effect on the appearance of clothing, but for Sutran shirts, the rise in temperature without sunlight in the drying process contributes greatly á maintain their properties.

Garments with Drilook technology also eliminate smell?

After statistical control, the conclusion is that garments Sutran® with Drilook technology neither accentuate nor reduce body odor.

Where are they made?

All manufacturing processes are made in Spain (Barcelona).

Could Sutran garments have some impact on the skin?

All fabrics and manufacturing processes are under strict quality control of label 100 Oeko- Tex and regulations CE.

Useful life of garments

About garments with Drilook technology, tests conducted by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia demonstrate that the products retain their effectiveness after 40 washes Sutran® with an imperceptible decline in their properties (see the washing conditions).

These studies were conducted considering a medium-highlevel ofperspiration, the effectiveness can vary depending on the level of personal sweat and even reaching up to 70 washes for normal perspiration.

About garments with Odorfil technology (Sutran socks), they keep their properties along the useful life of the sock. 

Can you design a garment that lasts longer?

To ensure the safety and perspiration of our body, the Sutran® products provide a balance between effectiveness and health. We are continuing studies to improve the efficiency for severe sweating.