After exhaustive studies of the company SUTRAN I MAS D, S.L. in collaboration with the CTE (Innovation Technology Center of Catalonia), this company launches an innovative and patented technology called Drilook.

As a result of this launch, comes up Sutran®, the first Spanish clothing brand that put on the market the first T-shirt in the world with Drilook technology, which is able to completely eliminate sweat stains thanks to its double layer system allowing sweat evaporates before it is visible, guaranteeing a good image in any situation and without stopping the natural process of perspiration.

Drilook home.png

However, and following the commitment for textile products that improve the quality of life of its users, in 2011, taking advantage of the research line of the Drilook's creators, Sutran® also decides to bet for a new project based on the commercialization of socks with a second technology called Odorfil, another innovative and PATENTED technology about a revolutionary fabric, able to eliminatie completely the bad smell, as well as bacteria, itching and fungi.


Currently, the SUTRAN brand has achieved as the biggest reference in the hyperhidrosis sector and also sectors such as catering and sport, gradually reaching to all kinds of people who understand the importance of keeping a good image.

Also, work continues on new product lines, new designs and all kinds of improvements that allow users to spend a more pleasant day.