It is the first intelligent fabric able to completely remove perspiration stains, allowing users to develop their activities in complete tranquility and confidence as they will never suffer sweating stains

This technology was originally created to give a solution  all those people with more severe problem as the cases currently compensatory sweating and their designs make them suitable for anyone who wants to always have a good image.

The patented combination of two fabrics Sutran® that linked together,  creates an air chamber that allows sweat to evaporate completely before it is visible and keeps the clothes and skin dry at all times, in addition to providing an effect thermoregulator (maintains body temperature), characterized by the following features in each of its layers:

  • Inner layer: (skin contact)
    • Very fine porous microfibers with high absorbency
    • Treaty to increase its already high coefficient of sweat
    • Top comfort

  • Outer layer: (visible)
    • Normal appearance as any garment
    • Fully breathable
    • Stain resistant

In addition, products with Drilook technology optimize the textile finishing its outer layer that prevents the passage of sweat and simultaneously generates a repellent effect to the liquids (mercury effect), making it ideal for not only prevent sweat stains, but also of any liquid and / or sauces.

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